Do You Ever Have Survivor’s Guilt?

You have a choice to look at this day in a new way. Finding a survivor, a long-term survivor, can be a launching point for your  survival.  Your observance of a long-term cancer survivor is… Continue reading

Step in Faith – Take a Risk

Today I read the story about the two grains of wheat. One chose to stay in the barn where it felt safe and comfortable. The other grain of wheat listened to the opportunity… Continue reading

Lung Cancer: Being a Survivor

I heard earlier this week that a colleague of mine was being taken off life support. I didn’t even know my colleague was in the hospital to begin with. My mind rushed with… Continue reading

Cervical Cancer Survivors

Did you ever think you would hear the words “you have cervical cancer”? This weekend I attended the third annual Walk of Women in Marietta, Georgia. This WOW Walk is the brain child… Continue reading

Phenomena, Brilliance, Magic


Everyday is a day of transition. I am not the same person that I was yesterday – certainly not the same as one year ago. Thank goodness! Each moment we add to ourselves,… Continue reading