Janet Kempe
I’m alive…period!™My name is Janet Kempe. I am a long-term cancer survivor (ten+ year survivor of ovarian cancer) who mentors cancer patients to live beyond what medicine alone cannot do. When you hear the words “you have cancer” – especially ovarian cancer, don’t you want to do all you can to make yourself well and survive?

Long-Term Cancer Survivors

I feel very blessed to be alive today. I have read in several books that long-term cancer survivors are alive for non-selfish reasons. Maybe this is true for me as well. I am a long-term cancer survivor who mentors cancer patients to live beyond what medicine can do. I teach cancer patients how to participate in their healing process. While I recommend seeking medical advice and treatment for a cancer diagnosis, I also encourage not relying on medicine alone to heal your body from cancer. See my post Beyond What Medicine Can Do

Patient Support Experience

Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I was a successful industrial designer. I lost my job while in treatment. Shortly thereafter, I was offered a job to coordinate a patient support program for my oncology practice – a nationally known gynecologic oncology practice in Atlanta. I performed this role for over nine years. While the practice has closed, (read my post) I am now growing one support group into several, meeting in different locations all over the Atlanta metropolitan area in Georgia.


Patients going through treatment typically only see other patients in treatment, and rarely see patients who have completed treatment – especially long-term cancer survivors.  I have established support gatherings, this site and that of spotmany.com to successfully connect cancer patients with long-term cancer survivors. Cancer patients need to know that I, and others like me, exist… that we are surviving period!”

The power of our spirit:

There is constant communication between mind and body. The body, using our five senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell) interprets our physical universe. The body communicates to the mind. Your mind interprets according to its own individual past experience and belief system. Your mind then signals the body to react in a way which it feels is appropriate. This site will provide day-to-day examples of what I and other long-term cancer survivors experience as we survive; examples of what we do to survive. More importantly, how we have survived beyond what medicine alone cannot do. We have learned to transform the way we observe and react to our thoughts.

Let me help you regain your health and survive your cancer.

i’m alive…period!