I am outliving cancer … ovarian cancer.

When diagnosed, my initial intention was to find ways to make the best of the journey. I’ve never been a pity-party kind of person. I simply wanted to enjoy life – no matter how long or short it might be.

So here I am … outliving cancer since 2002. Holy cow! Who would have believed it would be possible. Statistics and medical science predicted it would not be – it could not be – they had no cure.

Today my intention continues to be to enjoy life in every way – in every corner of my life. Outliving cancer continues to be my benefit, my perk, for participating in life in this way.

While the miracles of modern medicine have extended life for many, it is not the answer to all human ailments. This much I know to be true as I witnessed so many of my fellow chemo-buddies die.

I owned responsibility for having cancer. I could only point a finger at myself.

I also took responsibility for making the best out of the recovery journey.

Through owning responsibility, I invested time in observing my life.

It was through the act of observing, I was able to make choices of what to keep,  what to change, and what to discard – including people, things, behaviors, and emotions.

Observing – opened doors to many amazing opportunities.


When we experience a cut, a cold, a rash, or allergies, we often turn to purchasing a bottled product at retail to help us recuperate or we turn to the corner clinic to find relief.

Old practices of medicine have long been dismissed and forgotten. However, today there is a blossoming resurgence of interest and practice of many of these almost forgotten forms of medicine.

My exploration of complimentary therapies began while undergoing chemotherapy. I initially tried acupuncture and complimented that with learning and using the medicinal properties of semi-precious stones.

From there I morphed the experience of semi-precious stones into creating beautiful jewelry which I then turned into a cottage career.

My next exploration of complimentary therapies led me to learning about the practice of aromatherapy.

In 2018 I completed an intense 250 hour course and became a Certified Professional Aromatherapist (Instructor: Sharon Falsetto, BA Hons with Sedona Aromatics).

This education and practice of aromatherapy is now complimented with my education in the practice of Combining Herbs with Essential Oils for Greater Therapeutic Power. I submitted a thorough application requesting a scholarship to participate in the course and was honored to receive the scholarship.  (Instructor: David Crow, L. Ac. with the Shift Network).

As I continue to learn about these ancient practices of medicine from different cultures around the world, I will share what I learn with you.

I believe it’s important to become more aware of how we can use what nature provides to enhance our ability to heal and to survive.


Janet E. Kempe, CA

Certified Professional Aromatherapist at Made for You by Kidea

Author, Speaker, & Jewelry Artist


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