Pay Attention to Your Senses

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Pay Attention to Your Senses

My friend left her house to run an errand – a trip to the grocery store. As she drove her SUV down her quiet neighborhood street, she had a keen sense to drive slowly … as though the Universe was telling her to be more alert than usual … something abnormal was up ahead. She needed to pay attention to her senses

My friend is VERY intuitive … I mean VERY intuitive. She knows that when this sort of intuition kicks in, she had better pay real close attention to it.

Sure enough, there it was – something abnormal. A young woman walking along the side of the road, actually in the road and not on the sidewalk.

The young woman’s head was lowered and focused down. She was not showing signs of being curious to her surroundings. She wasn’t looking at the trees, the neighbor’s houses, clearly not interested in the sidewalk, and she wasn’t showing any interest to what else may be in the street, on the street, or on her path ahead.

Guess what this young girl was doing?

Did you guess cell phone?

You are correct!

As my friend drove her car down the street, getting closer to the young woman, my friend’s intuition was sensing there was more to this abnormality of walking in the street and glued to a cell phone.

My friend took her foot off the gas. She was prepared to place her foot on the brake pedal.

What do you suppose this young girl did next?

Sure enough, this young woman walked directly in front of my friend’s car. Never looked up, never looked to the left or to the right. This young woman kept her head focused on her device.

This young woman didn’t even hear the sound of my friend’s car, not the engine, the car’s tires rolling over the dried leaves on the street as the car drew closer, nothing … the young woman heard nothing.

Thankfully, no one got hurt.

My friend paid attention to her senses when she left her house. She had a hunch that she needed to be alert and pay attention to her surroundings – more so than usual – and she was right.

My friend, southern-born and raised, a true southern-belle, stopped the car, put her car into park, opened the driver door, jumped her petite 5’-2” body out onto the street, and began to shout, “Now honey, did you not see me coming?”

The young woman’s response was, now get this, you’re gonna love this … “Couldn’t you see that I was on my phone? I had to take the call.”

Unbelievable, right?

Now, this is the perfect real-life example of one who pays attention to her senses and another who apparently has no clue how to use her senses … not even her common sense.


Senses. Pay attention to your senses.

We have five of them. Some believe we have six.

I think my friend was thankful for paying attention to her senses that day. I believe it began with her sixth sense telling her to be extra alert as she left her house.

On the other-hand, I think the young woman on her cell phone may have a shortened life span because she is not cued into her senses – and certainly not in terms of using them for her survival.


Senses. Pay attention to your senses.

Let’s do a little exercise to find out how well you are cued into your senses.


Pull out your phone. Click on the timer. Set the timer for 30 seconds.

Stop everything else that you’re doing.

Please keep breathing. Simply pause for 30 seconds.

Click START!

Well … how did that feel?

Did it feel awkward?

How focused were you on the timer?

Did 30 seconds feel like a long time?

It got pretty quiet, didn’t it?

Let’s try it one more time …

Stop everything else that you’re doing.

Please keep breathing. Simply pause for 30 seconds.

Click START!

You were a little more prepared this time. You knew a bit more about the experience and what to expect,

Did you notice anything different this time?

Did you hear anything?

Did you look away for the timer and look around you? Did you see anything?

We’re going to try it one last time …

Stop everything else that you’re doing.

Please keep breathing. Simply pause for 30 seconds.

Click START!

Now that you are getting more practice with the exercise, it is likely that you began to focus-in on something or someone else around you.

Perhaps you heard or saw others shuffling in their seats. Maybe you heard a phone ring in the background or maybe you heard someone sneeze –cough-or clear their throat.

If you noticed hearing or seeing something, you just experienced your native state of survival. You began to take note of your natural use of your senses. You began to experience your surroundings using your senses.

If you noticed hearing or seeing something, this is your natural response mechanism designed to be used for your survival.

We use our five senses (some believe in six senses) to help us survive – everywhere we go, every second of every day – when we are awake or when we are asleep.

We were born with these senses. They are have purpose – to help us survive.

The young woman on her cell phone was also born with these senses – senses meant to help her survive.

The young woman wasn’t born with a cell phone, but in this instance, she chose the cell phone over using her natural senses for her survival.

This young woman chose to ignore her senses … even the common sense to look both ways before crossing the street. She chose to focus on her cell phone instead.


I’d like to make a suggestion. Starting today and every day moving forward, pause for 30 seconds.

Take out your cell phone. Set your timer for 30 seconds.

Please keep breathing.



Pay attention to your senses and what they are telling you about your surroundings.

Someday this exercise could save your life.


Pay attention to your senses.