Outliving Cancer for 16 Years

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I just celebrated my 16th year of outliving ovarian cancer!

I am so happy to be here – still experiencing the wonders of this world.

My latest, and just as exciting, news in my world is that I finally graduated from school with my official title of being a Certified Professional Aromatherapist!

I’ve been working at this course for 2-1/2 years, over 250 hours of study as recognized by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). I studied under Sharon Falsetto, BA(Hons) with Sedona Aromatics, located in beautiful Sedona, Arizona: Sedona Aromatherapie Linguistics of AromaticsTM Program.

What exactly does this mean for me and my future?

Well, I am qualified to formulate essential oil blends for therapeutic use.

How is that different than just buying essential oils from a retailer or friend selling essential oils products?

My coursework educated me on understanding the principles of balancing of our physiology, the chemistry of essential oils, their biologic value, and their therapeutic benefits that decrease or clear imbalances and restore the body’s natural function.

It was like taking anatomy, physiology, and organic chemistry all over again … many, many years … in fact many decades, since high school and college.

What will I be doing with this vast amount of useful education?

The bottom line is that I will be educating others on yet another pathway towards health and wellness.

I am trained to create custom aromatic blends for each unique individual.

I am focused on the interactions of each person’s health history, lifestyle preferences, and essential oil safety guidelines practiced by professional aromatherapists.

I believe that my ability to outlive cancer is due to more than a singular solution. My success has been a multi-dimensional and intriguing dance with continually changing practices within a variety of modalities.

The science behind medicine kicked everything off in motion – like passing the basketball into my hands. From there, I have been running the ball down the court; juggling the ball between myself and other team members (modalities).

These team members have helped me with diet, exercise, meditation, relaxation, Reiki, journaling, stone therapy, visualization (bubbles make me happy), and now aromatherapy.

I will be having a lot more to share about aromatherapy in the days and weeks ahead.

Aromatherapy Can Do More Than You Think

Remember … I just celebrated my 16th year of outliving ovarian cancer!