What’s an OODA-ler?


What’s an OODA-ler?

I’m an OODA-ler. Yep! I’m an OODA-ler and I’ll bet you are one too.

Earlier, I introduced the concept of the OODA loop. After reading that post, you learned how the OODA loop applies to your wellbeing.

Today I will share with you the journal I use as an OODA-ler that led me to outlive ovarian cancer.

After learning to use this journal, you will be one step closer to being an OODA-ler yourself!

The beginning process of OODA-ling is quite simple.

Observe and track.

Observe and track.

Observe and track.

Eventually, patterns emerge that were previously overlooked. These patterns once observed and acknowledged, will become obvious – so much so – you will find yourself saying … “duh!”

You may find yourself judging your own intelligence because you had been overlooking the obvious. Don’t worry it happens to us all – some more than others. HA!

Why do we overlook the obvious patterns?

Simple answer … we’re busy! We find ourselves extremely busy with our day-to-day tasks. Simply keeping up with our tweets, FB posts, media breaking news stories (have you ever noticed all their news stories are “breaking”), and oh – I almost forgot … work, spouses, children, friends and family – that’s enough to exhaust anyone.

Can you remember the days when we didn’t have cell phones? Remember the days when we didn’t have computers?

When is the last time you actually time to think or time to observe something in nature?

Been awhile … right?

Can you recall how that one thought or observation … exploded into another thought or led you to observe something else, and then another … and another?

Can you imagine what our forefathers did with all their time – the time we now use on our cell phones and computers?

Our forefathers observed the clouds in the sky, the phases of the moon, the stars in the night, and the plants surrounding them.

What do you think they did with all they observed?

Their observations weren’t simply used for admiration. Oh no! Their observations expanded to the point they became useful for survival. Let’s take a look …

Our forefathers could predict the weather by observing the sky. They knew when to seek shelter from observing the sky. They didn’t use an app on a cell phone.

Our forefathers knew when to plant, when to harvest, when to split a rail for a fence by the phase of the moon.

You ask how … and why?

Because our forefathers observed the moon’s phases and discovered that the moon phases determined the amount of moisture in the soil and air – the moon’s phases defined when the seeds benefitted from moisture and when the rails wouldn’t warp.

Our forefathers observed the stars at night. Their observations led to the ship’s captain and crew knowing how to navigate across the oceans in the dark of night using the stars.

Does anyone watch Discovery Channel’s Oak Island?

As viewers we are now learning of ships that navigated across the Atlantic Ocean during the 14th century – prior to the discovery of America.

How do you suppose these folks knew how to navigate across the ocean and sail to the same island each time?

The stars guided them and their forefathers observed the stars enough to understand they could use the stars as navigational guides.

How cool is that!

Our forefathers observed plants … my gosh … plants have so many hidden benefits from being a food source, to creating essential oils that resolve human maladies of all kinds, to attracting insects for pollination, and much more.

How can all that our forefathers observed help us today?

The answer can be found in more than what they observed. The answer is found in “the act of observing”.

Remember, OODA stands for observe, orient, decide, and act.

Today I am sharing with you … for free … the Observation Journal I used, and still use today, to outlive ovarian cancer – the Observation Journal is what I use today to be a proficient OODA-ler.

The way this works is that you … yes, YOU must set time aside to participate.

The first and most important observation you can make (on this day forward) is that YOU must take an active role in OODA-ling. Your participation is critical.




OODA-ling will not work without your complete and committed participation. No-one can do this for you. Your doctor cannot do this for you. You can’t even make your kids do this for you. (Sorry!)

Are you screaming, “BUT I DON’T WANT TO”?

Too bad! You won’t be able to move from point A to point B without your own personal, complete commitment to participate. Are you ready?

Here we go!

Open and print out the Observation Journal.

Print out one set of the Observation Journal for each day of the week.

Record how you feel through the day. Be honest with yourself. Make extra notes if needed.

Record all, and I do mean ALL, items you ingest everyday – no matter how large or small – and be as accurate as possible regarding the time of day, what item you are ingesting, and the amount.

Complete an Observation Journal for at the minimum, 10 days – preferably 14 days.

You will observe patterns in your behavior … good ones and maybe even some bad ones.

This is the beginning of OODA-ling – OBSERVE!

It was through my using the Observation Journal, that I discovered my BAD behaviors (yes, multiple BAD behaviors) including lack of fluid intake, poor and inconsistent meal intake, and most importantly – my lack of regard and respect of restorative sleep. These bad behaviors led, I believe, to my getting ovarian cancer.

Using the Observation Journal is the beginning step of how to become an OODA-ler. The Observation Journal was, and still is, my tool to outlive ovarian cancer.

Next time, I will show you how to OREINT in OODA-ler style.

And remember … OODA-ling isn’t just for cancer patients. The effort made to learn and use the OODA loop can help family and friends too.

If you enjoyed learning about the Observation Journal, please tell your family and friends. You can share this blog on FB or tweet about your reading this blog.

I sincerely hope becoming aware of OODA-ling helps you as much as OODA-ling continues to help me.

Please be sure to drop me a note telling me about your amazing discoveries OODA-ling. I’m expecting you will see amazing results.


Next time, I’ll share how OODA-lers ORIENT – ORIENT yourself to the observations found in journaling as an OODA-ler.


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