Beginning Step to OODA-ling



Observation Journal

I am so excited for you because you are about to discover the beginning of the rest of your life. You will experience the beginning step to OODA-ling and this step will forever change your life.

Are you ready?

Click on Observation Journal above to open the file.

Print out one set of the Observation Journal for each day of the week.

Follow these instructions –

Record how you feel during the day. Be honest with yourself. Make extra notes if needed.

Record your activities (include when you awake, the form exercise you do and how long, and when you go to bed).

Record all, and I do mean ALL, items you ingest everyday – no matter how large or small – and be as accurate as possible regarding the time of day, what item you are ingesting, and the amount.

Include liquids, snacks, specific items within a larger meal, and all medications – both prescription and over-the-counter (daily vitamins, supplements, aspirin, etc.).

.Complete an Observation Journal for at the minimum, 10 days – preferably 14 days.

You will observe patterns in your behavior … good ones and maybe even some bad ones.

This is the beginning of OODA-ling – OBSERVE!

It was through my using the Observation Journal, that I discovered my BAD behaviors (yes, multiple BAD behaviors) including lack of fluid intake, poor and inconsistent meal intake, and most importantly – my lack of regard and respect of restorative sleep. These bad behaviors led, I believe, to my getting ovarian cancer.

Using the Observation Journal is the beginning step of how to become an OODA-ler. The Observation Journal was, and still is, my tool to outlive ovarian cancer.

Next time, I will show you how to OREINT in OODA-ler style.

And remember … OODA-ling isn’t just for cancer patients. The effort made to learn and use the OODA loop can help family and friends too.

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I sincerely hope becoming aware of OODA-ling helps you as much as OODA-ling continues to help me.

Please be sure to drop me a note telling me about your amazing discoveries OODA-ling. I’m expecting you will see amazing results.

Next time, I’ll share how OODA-lers ORIENT – ORIENT yourself to the observations found in journaling as an OODA-ler.

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Click on Observation Journal above to open file.