How to Get Back in the Saddle Again … with a Twist


Have you ever fallen off a horse? Yes, falling hurts, but what hurts more – your body or your pride? The term, “back in the saddle again” originally applied to cowboys who returned to work (riding horses) after taking a break.

By the late 1800s and early 1900s, “back in the saddle again” was used as an expression to say “someone is returning to normal activities.”

We continue using, “back in the saddle again” and this term applies to me today.

After a lengthy period of hectic activities caring for my elderly mother, I am back in the saddle again – returning to normal activities – only this time with a twist. Whoopey-tie-aye-oh!

With a twist … another interesting term. I did not add any citrus rind to my cocktail to get my twist. Nor have I turned something repeatedly or wrapped something around something else for my twist.

This twist is not a literary plot twist either. I’m not introducing a radical change in the direction or expected outcome. I have no intention of playing mind games with you.

While preparing to get back in the saddle again, I observed the need to modify (twist) my approach. My aim is to improve my outcome.

Getting back into the saddle again with a twist, is my taking a new approach – a refreshing approach to the outcome. This is not saying the older approach doesn’t work or didn’t work. After all, I am alive … period!

What I am admitting is that I’m always looking for ways to enhance my steps forward in life.

So that’s what I’m revealing in 2018.

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This isn’t just a new get well system. What I am revealing has forward-looking strategies that I believe will make living life better, easier, with fewer stress inducing factors and will be simple to understand.


  • You will be introduced to a strategy that you can use from day one, within minutes, not months after learning. (totally free) Read now!
  • Learn how to observe what is going on within and around you – through all the noise created by fear inducing tactics used in today’s culture. (totally free)
  • Three different methods to be in control of and grab your wellbeing with your own hands, so living another day, week, month, year just happens without constant, focused concentration – as if on autopilot. (totally free)

You will be amazed. You will have fun. Hope you can join me. 🙂

Gene Autry’s lyrics …


Rocking to and fro  

Back in the saddle again  


I go my way

Back in the saddle again”