You Can Outlive Cancer

Know with Certainty

Know with Certainty You Can Outlive Cancer

When do you know you can outlive cancer?

When you complete medical treatment for cancer, surgery and/or chemotherapy? If this were true, we would have more success stories of having found a cure for cancer. Unfortunately, a cure has not been discovered at the time of publishing this blog.

When do you know you can outlive cancer?

When you’ve read all the books others wrote about their journey having cancer?

How did they do it? What did they know that you need to know?

When do you know you can outlive cancer?

When you have completed a class on the subject? Let’s assume such a class exists; how was the curriculum created? Who created the curriculum – an expert on the subject? Who is an expert on the subject of outliving cancer? How did they become the expert? Through obtaining a higher degree of education? Wouldn’t you prefer learning about outliving cancer through somebody who has actually doing it – someone who is outliving cancer?

The best possible outcome of outliving cancer can be achieved by seeking those who are outliving cancer today.

They are the success stories. Those who are outliving cancer are accomplishing something that science and medical professionals desire to achieve consistently through the use of their medical procedures and drugs. Unfortunately, doing the same procedures and infusing the same drugs for cancer are not consistently achieving the same results as those who are outliving cancer. These procedures and drugs are extending life for some, unfortunately, not for all.

It is sad that the medical professionals keep doing the same procedures and drugs over and over again, hoping to achieve a consistent result – the desired result of permanently eradicating cancer. These procedures and drugs repeatedly prove that they cannot consistently deliver the desired result of surviving cancer and yet, patients – especially those newly diagnosed – begin their journey through the medical maze of treatment hoping to survive. Over and over again, newly diagnosed patients seek survival through medicine. Upon a close look, patients can see that by only participating with medicine, the odds of survival are slim. This behavior is defined as insanity – doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. The promise of survival they were initially seeking dims.

However, there are patients who do survive, who do outlive cancer. These patients engage in complimenting their medical treatment. They begin by owning their cancer and owning their potential for survival. Their cancer is theirs and theirs alone. They realize that cancer didn’t simply happen to them. It was something that was created within them. Therefore, they must have played a role in the creation of cancer. Whether it was caused by physical stress, emotional stress, lack of consistent proper nutrition, or lack of consistent restorative sleep, these patients who outlive cancer realize they can take action to reverse the behavior that once supported the growth of cancer within their bodies.

Cancer is unlike most other life threatening diseases. Instead of something that invades the body, like a cold or the flu, or like the Ebola disease, cancer begins within the body. Science has not been able to identify the cause. However, some believe that cancer is genetic. However, having the specific genetic disposition that scientists find linked with a specific cancer does not mean that every person testing positive for that specific gene will ultimately develop that specific cancer. Neither does it suggest that by not being tested positive for that specific gene, that one will not ever contract that cancer. I know of many women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and yet do not test positive for either the BRAC I or BRAC II gene. I also know of many sisters and daughters of women who have tested positive for BRAC I or BRAC II, who do not carry the same genetic findings as their relative. While genetic testing has its value in science, it seems that genetic testing does not provide the straight answers that each of us would like to know – how can we keep cancer from developing? How can we eradicate cancer from our bodies now?

Until science can realize the intricate mechanics of the human body – what the body it truly capable of handling on its own, we who are diagnosed with cancer must create our own paths towards outliving cancer. Science, surgery and drugs help along the journey. However, science, surgery and drugs, at this time of publishing this blog, have not proven to provide the same favorable outcome reliably and consistently.

Those of us diagnosed with cancer must look for the answers by seeking out those patients who do survive. Those of us who truly want to outlive cancer must understand with certainty that there are patients who are successfully outliving cancer. To fully understand that it is possible to outlive cancer, to understand with certainty, cancer patients must remove doubt. By seeking and knowing those who are successfully outliving cancer, we begin to chisel away doubt.

“People who say it cannot be done … should not interrupt those who are doing it.” George Bernard Shaw

The best and most efficient way to understand how to outlive cancer, it is to begin finding others who are outliving cancer. Create your own validation that outliving cancer is being done by searching for those who are doing it. Experience outliving cancer firsthand by familiarizing yourself with those who are doing it. The simple act of knowing someone who is outliving cancer, changes your belief – it changes what you know you are capable of accomplishing. As you tune in to your own experience you will learn that, day-by-day, you will be accomplishing the same result as others who are outliving cancer.

This act of knowing with certainty is no different than when you were a small child learning how to climb stairs. You believed you could accomplish the feat because you removed doubt when you saw your parents and siblings doing it. You knew with certainty that you could swim because you removed doubt when you saw your friends in the pool doing it – swimming. You knew you could drive a car because you removed doubt. You knew so many others who are doing it – driving a car.

By knowing others who are doing it, you strengthen your certainty that you too can accomplish the same task because you are removing doubt through knowing those who are successfully doing it.

The best possible outcome of outliving cancer can be achieved by seeking those who are outliving cancer today. You can outlive cancer.