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As an ovarian cancer survivor of two years I found this to be a very powerful book. I wish it could be put into the hands of every woman who is newly diagnosed with this disease. If I had had it at the time of my diagnosis it would have been of immeasurable help and comfort. As it was, I struggled with the shock, the grim statistics and the immense challenge of surgery and chemo while trying desperately to accumulate the information, support and strength to move forward with hope. What I sought from multiple sources and intensive investigation is all here in this one book. Janet talks to you like a sister or best friend and her words feel immediate and personal. Her story of survival will inspire all who read it.

Janet comes from the unique perspective of a survivor herself as well as an observer. Her work with a large gynecologic oncology practice enabled her to experience first hand the different choices women made regarding their treatment and recovery – what steps they took to heal themselves spiritually, physically and psychologically – what was empowering and generated healing and what attitudes appeared to have negative consequences. Janet’s wisdom and insight is very much needed by the many women in this world coping with ovarian cancer and I hope this book finds it’s way to them as soon as possible.