My Book is Published on Amazon!

Perhaps you just completed treatment for cancer. Now you are wondering what you need to do to help keep it from returning. Your doctor gives you a survivorship care plan. However, when you read through it, the suggestions they provide are mostly related to your medical care plan and not to what you can do to overcome cancer in your daily life. Your monkey mind begins again with an overdrive of worry, anxiety, and fear.

Turn to a fellow long-term cancer survivor who has gone before you. This long-term cancer survivor, in 2002, had a poor prognosis due to a cancer cell type that was, and still is, deemed “difficult to treat.”

You may have just learned you have cancer. Your medical team has presented your treatment options. Where do you turn to get the reassurance that what you are about to do will work? How can you learn about patients who have survived?

Turn to this long-term cancer survivor because of her wealth of knowledge from observing cancer patients while working at a large oncology practice running their patient support program. Turn to this long-term cancer survivor who has developed a program that teaches cancer patients how to handle the worry, the anxiety, and the fear that overtake the minds of cancer patients.

If you just learned the cancer came back, you will want to connect with someone who is outliving cancer. With a recurrence, you understand how important it is to get active in your care of your health. You now understand that medicine alone was not enough outlive cancer.

Turn to I am Alive … Period! A Cancer Recovery Handbook, by cancer survivor, Janet Kempe. This recently published book is based upon Kempe’s experience with her own recovery from an ovarian cancer diagnosis along with her observation of thousands of cancer patients. I am Alive … Period! A Cancer Recovery Handbook, introduces what she and other long term cancer survivors have done and continue to do as they outlive their cancer.

In this forward-thinking book Kempe explains the process she uncovered that triggered her to create the mindset of a long-term cancer survivor. This book offers self-help steps, she and other long-term cancer patients have taken, to create the essential mindset that facilitates healing; the mindset that alters the course of cancer inhabiting the body.

Your body is changing relentlessly in spite of modern science – let cancer play your game versus you playing its game. Take charge in the care of your health.