Are You Ready?

Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

You have been diagnosed with cancer…or perhaps you have completed your treatment for cancer. Ask yourself this question, “Are you ready?”


A normal response to this question is, “Ready for what?”


At either junction in life, whether you have been recently diagnosed with cancer or you are about ready to venture through life beyond your cancer treatment, you – and only you – determine what you want to be ready to do.


I believe before you can take action of any kind, you must first decide what result you desire to have from your taking action. So, when you begin your journey being treated for cancer, ask yourself this question, what desire do you have or what accomplishment do you want to achieve?


If you answered that you want to survive, good. Focus on this thought as though you have accomplished surviving. You did it! You have survived cancer. Now look beyond medical treatment, what do you want to accomplish? Are you ready for that?


In speaking with long term cancer survivors, I have been amazed to learn how many seek accomplishing their dreams. Long term cancer survivors have learned how every second of life counts. They set out to accomplish something they have always dreamed of doing.


Take for instance the survivor who always wanted to learn how to ride a horse. It was a dream she kept to herself until her cancer diagnosis. Then one day she made the decision to step forward – to make it happen – to make her dream come true. In her 50’s she set out to take her first riding lesson. Her husband thought she must have lost her mind. He had no idea his wife had such a dream.


One lesson led to another and then another. She was becoming more and more confident. As her confidence grew, she then entered competitions. Those who knew her, began to see less and less of her because she was always at “the barn”. If they wanted to see her, they had to come watch her ride in one of the competitions.


As time moved forward, then years…the horse she rode for her lessons and competitions was being sold by its owner. This long term cancer survivor dearly loved this horse. They grew a special bond together. She felt this horse, as odd as it may sound, was a link to her surviving cancer. If someone else owned this horse, they may decide not to make the horse available to ride for lessons or competitions. She made a big and bold decision. Her husband really thought she had lost her mind this time. She is now the proud owner of this amazing and beautiful horse!


This long term survivor has been outliving cancer for more than 9 years. When I asked her what she attributes to her survival, she was quick to provide accolades to her oncologist. She was also quick to share that she felt liberated to follow her dream, to do what she once thought she would never do, like learn how to ride a horse.


So, are you ready? Are you ready to follow your dream? Look beyond your medical treatment for cancer. Make plans to take action, to follow your dream.


Dreams do come true. Are you ready?