Stones to Assist Successful 2nd Chances

Today 2/2/2014 is Groundhog Day, a day synonymous with second chances.

It is a perfect day to sit quietly and reflect on your life. Revisit and acknowledge what actions you have made that work well for you and acknowledge those that don’t. Revise your actions so you can improve upon those actions working well for you. Release those actions of yours that don’t

There are supportive energies found everywhere in nature – through stones that can assist you in the process of revisiting, revising and releasing. One of these stones is Agate. This stone comes in a variety of formations – from Blue Lace Agate to Crazy Lace Agate. Agate has a reputation for being a stone of protection. It also can bring good luck.

Spiritually, Agate supports reflection – strengthening our logical and rational thought. Agate will dissolve internal tensions while enabling us to resist external influences. It encourages a calm and reflective view of life while assisting the discovery of simple, pragmatic solutions that we can act upon without much delay. Agate will do its best to encourage positive outcomes to our affairs.

Blue Lace Agate can bring success to your endeavors of good intention. It can bring you prosperity in the form of financial wealth.

Blue Lace Agate will enable you to intuitively choose between true friends and false ones. It will protect children from all forms of danger.

There are healing properties to all stones as well and must be mentioned:

Blue Lace Agate can be placed on the eyes to alleviate tired or inflamed eyes and can strengthen eyesight. This stone can treat headaches and dizziness as well as heal skin problems. It is important that this stone be placed on the skin, near the area of discomfort or near the area/organ that needs healing.

When Blue Lace Agate is placed on the heart or throat chakra, it will combat feverish infections. It is used to treat arthritic conditions and is used to strengthen the skeletal structure and development of fingernails and toenails. Blue Lace Agate will help prevent miscarriages and will alleviate discomfort during pregnancy.

As you greet this new day – Groundhog Day – a day where you can revisit, revise, and release, consider enhancing the success of your endeavors with Blue Lace Agate. Go for it! Make it happen!

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