Revisit – Revise – Release

Build Strong

Build Strong

I received and very appropriate email from a kind spirit in Atlanta, Don Simmons. In his email he mentioned February is named after the Latin term “februum”, which means purification. He goes on to suggest that tomorrow, February 2 being Groundhog Day, is synonymous with second chances.

I am big with signs and symbolism. Only a few days ago we experienced a New Moon. There is a fun ritual to be had during a New Moon. You write down what you want to come into your life. Light a candle and read what you have written aloud. Place this piece of paper under the candle – DO NOT BURN THE PAPER!

In years past, I have always burned the paper…I thought I was releasing my desires to the Universe. However, I now understand I am not to burn this paper on the New Moon. I was destroying my desires by burning. Oops! No wonder times have been tough!

So with the onset of Groundhog Day and being within the time frame of the New Moon, why not try this fun ritual on February 2, 2014.

Take your time. Sit quietly and reflect on your past. Revisit what you have done. Acknowledge what has worked well for you and what may not have worked so well. Determine how you can live your life better. Be prepared to boost your efforts towards the actions that do work well for you. Acknowledge those actions that have not provided the best outcomes. Be willing to release them. By letting go, you are making room for your now power-boosted good actions to fill their void.

Astrologers will inform you that Mercury will go Retrograde on Thursday February 6, and out again Friday February 28. What this means for us, says Don Simmons, is that “all of February can be dedicated to RE-visiting, RE-vising, RE-plenishing, RE-implementing, RE-leasing and hopefully RE-laxing!”

Tomorrow is a new day – Groundhog Day – a day where you can revisit, revise and release. Go for it! Make it happen – Build it strong!