Monthly Archive: February, 2014

Which Came First: Cancer or the Breeding Ground for Cancer?

Which Came First: Cancer or the Breeding Ground for Cancer? Are you the victim of cancer? STOP right there! Please think again! Read the definition of victim (provided by 1. One who is… Continue reading

Experience Found Surviving Cancer

There is more experience found surviving cancer that is worth having than any accolade of certification can ever match. If, or rather shall I say, when we uncover and start to acknowledge the… Continue reading

Stones to Assist Successful 2nd Chances

Today 2/2/2014 is Groundhog Day, a day synonymous with second chances. It is a perfect day to sit quietly and reflect on your life. Revisit and acknowledge what actions you have made that… Continue reading

Revisit – Revise – Release

I received and very appropriate email from a kind spirit in Atlanta, Don Simmons. In his email he mentioned February is named after the Latin term “februum”, which means purification. He goes on to… Continue reading