Is the sky blue or clear, a shade of gray or purple?

So Peaceful Now - Blue Sky Over Antietam Battlefield

So Peaceful Now – Blue Sky Over Antietam Battlefield

The older I get, the more aware I am that we each see things differently. We may be looking at the very exact same object, but our take on what we are viewing is entirely different. Take for example the sky. When you look at the sky, is the sky blue or clear, a shade of gray or purple?

Moonlit Sky at Peaks of Otter

Moonlit Sky at Peaks of Otter

Being a creative person, I look at the sky for its color value. My most favorite time of viewing the sky is either right before dawn or after the sun goes down when the sky turns to a rich purple-blue with darker gray-black undertones. The stars begin to pop against the sky.

When I look at the sky, I also observe the clouds. I like to play with what the clouds remind me of…wings of a dove or sometimes they look like ripples in a lake. When the clouds are gray and rippled, they remind me of construction tire tread marks in the dirt.

We view objects, people, places and events differently as well. Some may view a certain make and color of a car as beautiful while others look at the car as being purely functional…or maybe not functional at all and therefore conclude the make, model and color of car is of lesser value to them.

Church in Bath Maine

Church in Bath Maine

When I really think about it, everything in life has a different value to each of us. Whether we look at cars or buildings, events, religion, politics or people, they all carry an exclusive value to us.

We are all unique. We each have our own thumbprint on life – no two beings are exactly alike at the exact same moment in time. Folks may be similar, but just like the sky, never will we be exactly alike. Thus we create an even more impressionable thumbprint on life. If we bundle ourselves together, the thumbprint can be made larger.

Large bundles are found in families, schools, clubs, employment, politics…we also fall into bundles defined by age, race, height, weight…Often we find ourselves at the grocery or drug store purchasing products based upon bundling – for example multi-vitamins. It used to be a multi-vitamin was good for all adults. Now we have multi-vitamins for men and different multi-vitamins for women. I have to ask, why is it that I can take the same multi-vitamin as another woman who may be shorter than I or another who may weigh 50 pounds more? Do multi-vitamins take into consideration what I eat during the day versus someone living in another country?

In medicine, we fall into bundles or brackets of ailments and these bundles get more defined by the cellular make-up of the ailment. This bundling is effective when studying the ailment. However, what medicine is missing is factoring in the host of the ailment…the person. The host or being is a unique individual composed of many variances – all the complexities of the host’s behavior patterns including the thoughts of the host or the way in which the host views life.

We can easily provide and example of how your very own thought can affect your body. Think of the arctic, listen to the icy wind blowing and you may find goose bumps popping up on your arm. Or think about biting into a lime or lemon…or maybe a dill pickle. Just this thought alone may begin your mouth to salivate. These examples prove how much your thought influences your body.

Brooklyn Bridge Shadow People

Brooklyn Bridge Shadow People

So if we could for a moment consider observing the host before we begin medical treatment, we would have a better chance at removing the ailment when medical intervention begins. When we do not consider the host, the host that the ailment found habitable, we risk the return of the ailment. It seems logical to me that when we refuse change, modifying and improving the host environment –  improving the behavior patterns of the host, we risk the return of the ailment after medical treatment is completed.

Begin to look beyond what medicine can do. Remember how unique you are as you seek medical advice. Do not overlook how you do play an important role in your medical recovery.

You are as unique as the sky. Is the sky blue or clear, a shade of gray or purple?