Dreams Come True

Grand Canyon 2012

A vacation dream come true

Dreams come true

Take action

Make changes

Become what you want to be

Your dreams can come true. Dreams come true in reality only, and I repeat only, when action leads to making changes.

Taking action means that you are in agreement that something isn’t working for you, something is holding you back, something is off balance, or someone is not in alignment with you. When you take action, you begin to make changes.

This world is made up of so many different beliefs, desires and needs. We cannot begin to expect everyone or everything to align with ours. What we can do is stand firmly in our dream, believe it to be real, agree to move through and keep moving beyond all the negative energies that try to circumvent our direction towards our dream.

We all want our dream to come true. We waste our energy from pursuing our own dreams when we drape our beliefs and expectations over other’s dreams and vice versa – when others try to fit their expectations into or around our dreams, we are kept hostage from pursing our own dreams.

Agree to stay motivated towards living your life your way. Acknowledge your dreams. Agree your dreams can become real. Honor your dreams with passion, with sincere pursuit and with total commitment.

Now replace the word dream(s) with cancer survivors or cancer survivorship…

Last year I took a dream vacation to the Grand Canyon to celebrate my 10th year surviving ovarian cancer – two dreams rolled up into one! These pictures are from that vacation and they continue to take my breath away while having a huge smile on my face.

BTW – I just celebrated surviving ovarian cancer for another year – 11 years now! Onward to the next year. Dreams do come true!

Grand Canyon View - takes my breath away

Grand Canyon View – takes my breath away

Tell me about your dream that you want to come true.