What have you done? – Part II

Who left the slipper mark?

Who left the slipper mark?

What have you done? – Part II

Let’s go back to our childhood response from yesterday’s post, the child’s response to What have you done? If we would apply our behavior to present day, we want to blame others or other things for our having cancer.

Recently, I had a great discussion with a very well know gynecologic oncologist. I mentioned that in all my years of surviving ovarian cancer, I have had only one patient ask me, what have I done to survive cancer? This oncologist told me, he has found his patients never accept that they have done anything to cause cancer. He went on to tell me he found patients do not want to play an active role in their recovery. He claims by doing so, by taking an active role in their recovery, they are accepting responsibility for creating their cancer. He said patients are afraid to do anything for themselves because then they are accepting the blame.

HELLO! Do you understand what this oncologist is suggesting? Patients would rather not take action themselves for either having been cause of their cancer nor do they take action in their own recovery. Instead, they want the doctor to take full responsibility for their recovery.

WHAT! There is one thing we know for sure, today, in the year 2013, there is no cure for cancer. Did you get that? There is no miracle drug that will cure cancer. We only have treatments that do their best to remove the symptoms (cancer) of the root problem, but these treatments do not correct the root problem. These treatments do not correct what caused the manifestation of cancer in the first place. Am I making myself clear?

Just like the small child when asked, what have you done?, do you find yourself wanting to create someone or something to blame?

Until you begin to look at the source (you), to uncover what you have done to weaken your immune system, you will not find the answers. So I ask again, What have you done? More importantly, accept blame, move forward and take action. After all, the solution to the tread marks on my mother’s wall was not simply accepting blame. It was my picking up a cloth and some cleaner to remove the marks. It took my effort to fix the problem. So, what have you done? What are you going to do today to take action towards your recovery?