Look Beyond What Medicine Can Do

Look Beyond What Medicine Can Do

Can you see the potential if we look beyond what medicine can do?

Please stop focusing on the CT/PET scans, CA-125 blood tests, etc. …your doctors are doing all they can with only the tools they have. Together – using what GOD has given you, the innate power to heal, with your doctor’s tools (surgery, chemo, scans and blood tests) know that YOU ARE making wonderful progress. Now is time to look beyond what medicine can do.


What the doctors are doing with surgery and chemotherapy is assisting you/your body in the elimination of the cancer that exists. It is crucial that you understand what I am about to say. Neither surgery or chemotherapy are enabling your body to do anything – surgery does not strengthen your body nor will chemotherapy. The function of both surgery and chemo is to only eliminate/evacuate cells (unfortunately chemo eliminates both the good cells and the cancer cells). The function of chemo cannot stop new cancer cells from being made. This simple fact is why medicine uses the term remission when a patient shows no signs of cancer.


Remission – noun

a. Medicine Abatement or subsiding of the symptoms of a disease.

b. The period during which the symptoms of a disease abate or subside.



Can anybody see the clue as to what chemotherapy is designed to do? Chemotherapy is designed to subside or abate the symptom of a disease. In other words the function of chemotherapy is to treat the symptom.


Symptom – noun

A sign or an indication of disorder or disease, especially when experienced by an individual as a change from normal function, sensation, or appearance



Furthermore, medicine by using chemotherapy to achieve remission is suggesting that they have subsided and abated the symptom. Today we continue to have a large number of recurrences that often lead to death. Perhaps the solution to reducing recurrences and possibly death can be found if we try to understand what may have caused cancer.


We must look beyond what medicine can do if we want to become long term cancer survivors (LTCS). Can you see the potential we have if we treat both the symptom and address the cause? What could possibly be the outcome if we would just try? At the very least, I would imagine we would see an extension in the longevity of cancer patients. We might also tap into better quality of life.


YOU HAVE THE POWER – the power to reprogram your body to stop making cancer cells. I know you want to do all that you can to ensure that no other new cancer cells will find it welcome within your body.


Think of your body as the Ritz Carlton. It is too expensive for cancer to shack up at the Ritz. You can make your cells within your body so pampered and so happy, that cancer can’t stand to be around all your happy cells. Cancer cannot afford to pay the cost to stay inside your body, around all those strong, happy cells.  Keep raising your room rates if you need to 🙂


You do have the power within you to restore your health. I believe what the chemotherapy, PET/CT scans and blood tests show you are all the favorable progress that you are making towards regaining your health. Please focus on the good outcomes of chemotherapy – the removal of the symptoms of disease. Together with you enabling your cells to regain their strength and regain their health, chemotherapy will eliminate / annihilate the symptom of disease, the cancer cells. The progression may be slow with first signs of the shrinkage of cancer in the body. You can enhance / expedite the elimination of all the cancer cells that remain by engaging your thought to work for you.


Remove fear from your thought. Fear is like fertilizer to cancer because fear is causing your good cells to give up their ability to join forces and stand ground within your body. Encourage your good cells to unite and use their GOD given power to dissolve cancer and restore health.


I have never met a depressed or disgruntled LTCS. Each and every LTCS I have met has something good and uplifting to say. They admit they make the best out of every moment, find humor even in the most trying of times and are grateful for each and every day they have lived. Keeping your thoughts optimistic and happy, will ensure healthy progress is made. Even when there are cancer cells that remain, we know that with all you are doing your body is responding by shrinking and eliminating the cancer – know that everything is working! The scans are also proof that you are doing everything right because no growth is showing with what does remain and there are no new spots showing on the scan.


Remember, cancer – like weight gain – did not happen overnight. And so becoming N.E.D. (no evidence of disease) takes time (patience and persistence) just like weight loss ( weight loss: a topic I am all too familiar with – ha!)


Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. NIV


Find other LTCS. We are out here. We do exist and we want to help give you hope and encouragement. If we can do it, so can you! Find a LTCS gathering in your community. In Atlanta we have one. We meet once a month. WE ARE ALIVE PERIOD! Please come join us. Contact me if you want to start a LTCS group in your community.


Embrace all you can do to survive. Now is time to look beyond what medicine can do.