We’re alive period!

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“What is different about me? Why did treatment work for me, but not for so many others?” This is the question I ask myself each and everyday.

Patients going through treatment typically only see other patients in treatment, and rarely see patients who have completed treatment.  Spotmany successfully connects long term cancer survivors with cancer patients in treatment giving them encouragement and giving them hope. I created Spotmany because, “Cancer patients need to know I, and others like me, exist… that we are surviving…period!”

A fellow chemo buddy of mine, Ms. M  recently wrote me to share her celebration of surviving ovarian cancer 10 years! She wrote, “I just had my 10th Anniversary in May, and I honestly had to stop and think about it – it meant so much but I guess just trying to carry on every day just let the approaching date come by “quickly” as it caught up with me!   (Have to admit I was thrilled when I thought about it!   We are indeed blessed, Janet, to be in such a “sorority” –  I often question “Why Me?” to have been blessed with a continuance of my life when so many weren’t…)”

Ms. M said “What a great idea to get some “seasoned” women to talk with those still in the throes of their chemo and being so apprehensive/scared as we all were.”

Today the bulk of my time is going into Spotmany – an organization I started to make survivors known to other cancer patients – particularly those of aggressive cancers, like ovarian cancer. My work is allowing patients to “spot many” survivors with similar diagnoses, to give then hope and encourage them to realize they too can survive.

Long term cancer survivors are doing something right. We are surviving…period! So if we can call out to other long term cancer survivors (of any form of cancer) and make ourselves known, surely we can begin to help others achieve the same success.