Near and Dear to My Heart

5K Run/Walk For the Women We Love

5K Run/Walk For the Women We Love

On Saturday, June 1, 2013 I will be part of a 5K RUN/WALK FOR THE WOMEN WE LOVE in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

This group and its mission is near and dear to my heart.  FOR THE WOMEN WE LOVE assists women in treatment diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer. FOR THE WOMEN WE LOVE supports women with psychosocial support gatherings, education and provided financial assistance through the Sue Kassin Indigent Fund. The organization currently can only serve women in the Atlanta area. In time, the organization’s goal is to have the potential to reach far beyond the Atlanta metropolitan area. This fundraiser-run/walk on June 1st is the first step towards accomplishing this lofty goal.

Another reason this is so near and dear to my heart, is the reality of only having 3 more weeks to work at my oncology practice. During these last 3 weeks, as part of my job’s responsibilities, I am organizing this run/walk. After May 17th, I will have two weeks to finalize the details of the walk on my own…unemployed. YIKES!

It was through the walk last year, that I met a 20 year long term ovarian cancer survivor. She came out of the shadows, not having been an active member of our survivorship community. Today she is the treasurer of the foundation – giving of her time with her heart and soul.

We had  over 30 cancer survivors last year who all helped at the start line – cutting the start ribbon. This year we hope to many cancer survivors – cervical cancer survivors, ovarian cancer survivors…uterine, endometrial, fallopian tube, vulvar and peritoneal cancer survivors as well. Who knows, we may have more long term cancer survivors show who will be such an inspiration to those in treatment now.

So all I ask of you is if you are intown on June 1st, please register to join us as we RUN/WALK FOR THE WOMEN WE LOVE.

If you can’t join us, please consider making a safe & secure online DONATION to help grow our reach of supporting women in treatment for a gynecologic cancer. 

This group and its mission is near and dear to my heart. Thank you for all your support!