spotbox: useful tools for cancer patients

spotbox: gift for cancer patients

spotbox: gift for cancer patients

When you treat a disease, first treat the mind – Chinese belief

I have survived ovarian cancer for more than 10 years. I was able to spot the innate potential I had in healing beyond my medical treatment. I still use my healing potential each and every day…and plan to do so for many, many more.

I developed the spotbox – it has everything in it I used when I was diagnosed – everything I used during treatment, before each surgery, between each doctor visit, between each test and scan. On my journey I found that each second of each minute was more precious to me than ever before and that…

  • When seconds counted, my doctor appointment was hours away
  • When seconds counted, my test results were days away
  • when seconds counted, my next treatment was weeks away
  • when seconds counted, it seemed medical intervention was not available to me 24/7 like I needed it to be
  • when seconds counted, I found I was able to do something

I believed I  could participate in my healing with the power of belief – the power of hope. When medical intervention was not playing an active role, I used special tools:

  • I listened to calming music to help me relax and to help me fall asleep
  • I drank herbal tea that helped me to boost my immune system and stimulate my digestion
  • I used healing stones with natural energy that removed my pains as I recovered from surgery; stones that encouraged my body’s natural ability to heal
  • I used aromatherapy to influence my brain activity to encourage positive thought, maintain an upbeat attitude and to help diminish my anxieties and overcome my mental fatigue

Your spotbox is now available – for those who are in treatment for cancer, for those who are graduating from treatment and will be on their own without the aid of that chemo-life-line and available for friends and family who want to give  a meaningful gift to their loved one, a gift that will help them on the survivorship journey.

Stop for a moment and reflect on the smaller steps you take each day to survive. Be aware that each and every one of them is important – important to you and maybe important to one other cancer survivor. Make each step count. Don’t think for a minute that you have wasted a single one. Each of your steps will get you to where you are focusing. It may just not be happening at the speed you desire, but know that you are making progress…one step at a time. Help yourself make positive healing steps. Use the tools found in your spotbox. Invest in your survivorship. You are worth it!

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