Busy Being a Cancer Survivor

For the Women We Love

Whoa! It has been awhile…too long since I last wrote about my journey being along term ovarian cancer survivor. Actually, I have been busy with three activities all related to being a cancer survivor:

  1. I have been writing content for our new website for our foundation For the Women We Love
  2. I have been developing a product that my clients have asked to have for a very long time
  3.  I attended a fabulous, well organized and well executed annual conference for cervical cancer survivors by the National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC)

Often, I feel badly about not being able to get things accomplished in a timely manner. However, when I do reflect on what I was able to accomplish, I can see how I ask too much of myself and am a bit too hard on myself. The most important lesson is to stop, from time-to-time, and reflect on the smaller steps accomplished. Each and every step will lead to the place I am focused upon; the place where others can benefit from surviving cancer just as I have done.

So, For the Women We Love, previously known as the SEGO-We Care Foundation, has officially changed to our new name. I have been diligently writing content for the new website. Our goal is to create a destination for all gynecologic cancer patients to learn where they can find support – both social as well as financial and join forces to create a larger voice of advocacy. Currently the foundation serves the Atlanta – Georgia market. If we do this right, we can grow to be a voice across the country and help gyn cancer patients in both large and small communities.

The product under development is one that will answer the concern my clients have had when they live in locations that do not provide access to investing in the products I recommend they purchase and use. So, this new product will debut in February and be available to everyone – those who are in treatment for cancer, those who are graduating from treatment and will be on their own without the aid of that chemo-life-line and will be available to the friends and family who want to give  a meaningful gift to their loved one, a gift that will help them on the journey in those time between doctor visits, test results and treatments – those times:

  • When seconds count, the doctor appointment is hours away
  • When seconds count, the test results are days away
  • When seconds count, the next treatment is weeks away
  • When seconds count, medical assistance is simply too far way
  • When seconds count, we can do something

My new product has everything I used when I was diagnosed, everything I used during treatment, before each surgery, between each doctor visit, between each test, etc. You know what? Ten years later, I still used these products today. So now instead of asking my clients to find these various tools as I like to call them, I will have them for you to purchase as one complete package. So stay tuned to my blog for the announcement!

Lastly, about the annual conference I attended with the National Cervical Cancer Coalition.  It was a wonderful experience. You may ask, now why go to a cervical cancer conference when I had ovarian cancer. Well, it is my belief, and has been since day one of my diagnosis, if I can find a cancer survivor – no matter what kind of cancer – and learn they have survived longer than their statistics suggest, I want to get to know them and learn from them. At this conference I met, 6 year, 10 year, 12 year, 23 year survivors! Can we say inspiring? Yes, I can! I learned so much from all the survivors and presenting medical experts. This conference covered every topic from the 101 of cervical cancer, to meeting and asking questions of survivors, to advocacy and how to get involved within your state (NCCC has group leaders in most states. I encourage you to look them up), how to communicate with your state representatives and creative ways on how to get the word out for awareness. Like I said they had it all covered from A to Z. Very well done!

So, my message for you today is to stop for a moment and reflect on the smaller steps you take each day. Be aware that each and every one of them is important – important to you and maybe important to one other cancer survivor. Make each step count. Don’t think for a minute that you have wasted a single one. Each of your steps will get you to where you are focusing. It may just not be happening at the speed you desire, but know that you are making progress…one step at a time.

Learn more about being a cancer survivor – come visit one of our gatherings or contact me to learn about how to start a cancer support gathering in your area.