10 Year Surviving Cancer Celebration!

10 Year Cancer Survivor

Happy 10 Year Survivor Celebration Cake

Had to share this with you…This is what my office just sent out for me …

Please join us for a piece of cake and ice cream as we celebrate our own Janet Kempe – This is her 10 Year Survivor Anniversary!!
Conference Room now.


I was called to our HR’s office. As she shut her door to talk with me, I began  to wonder if my job was going to be eliminated. We have had so many of these eliminations this last year. Also my past employer was notorious for terminations after folks returned from vacation. Thankfully this was not the case.

What I didn’t know was she hit “send” to this email message below as I rounded the corner to her office. While her door was shut, everyone gathered in our conference room right across the hall. After a few moments, she asked me to step into the conference room (This is when I thought I would be confronted with “management”). The room was filled with so many people…I naturally started to cry…actually sob is more like it. What can I say…I am one of those who cries when I am filled with joy.

I am still employed (YEAH!) and now launching my next ten years surviving ovarian cancer! It felt like the perfect day having completed my write-up about the Cancer Survivor’s Retreat in Sedona, AZ and having this wonderful celebration with my co-workers.

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