Step in Faith – Take a Risk


Release the bondage of your comfort zone.

Today I read the story about the two grains of wheat. One chose to stay in the barn where it felt safe and comfortable. The other grain of wheat listened to the opportunity the farmer provided; to be planted in the cold dark earth with the promise of growing to multiply ten fold. The second grain of wheat took the risk the farmer offered. Within days it began to grow. Ultimately the second grain of wheat multiplied to producing thousands upon thousands of grains for over 40 years.

Today I reflect upon my cancer survivorship. Had I chose to stay safe and secure in a place where I felt comfortable, I likely would not be here writing these thoughts. Instead, I find myself like the second grain of wheat. I chose to follow the path of risk. I chose to take the path that led me through places where I had never been.  I took risks I never thought I was capable of taking. Each path I chose to take, I embraced with faith and with hope for life.

Today I step out on another path of risk. I choose to take a step in faith that I can encourage another cancer patient to become a long term survivor. The story today is one of great promise. It is a story of one woman’s shift in thought that continues to keep her alive. This woman, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, stage III with multiple recurrences, was told there was nothing more medicine could offer; nothing more without the sacrifice of living her life in enjoyment. There were other drug options; options with tremendous debilitating side effects. She chose to walk the path of risk without those drugs. Instead she chose to plan her going away party in a time frame where she thought she would be able to still enjoy her party and enjoy those who would come to celebrate life with her.

Her decision was made well over one year ago. She has yet to actually host her going away party. Three weeks ago she had a follow-up appointment with her oncologist. The results are truly astonishing. She is clinically N.E.D. (No evidence of disease)! While the oncologist has no explanation as to why she is N.E.D., the truth is found in the fact that she is N.E.D.

So, the question I ask of you today is, what decision can you make today – what thought can you have today that will place you in a momentary state of risk? Try to move yourself slightly off balance in your routine. Live a little! Who knows what can happen if you do? Have faith that the outcome you harvest will be favorable. Have hope that the shift you make could give you an experience of a lifetime; an experience that will grow and multiply into many, many more rich and fulfilling experiences.

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