Lung Cancer: Being a Survivor

Fresh Air Image courtesy of By Bryancalabro (Own work)

Fresh Air
Image courtesy of By Bryancalabro (Own work)

I heard earlier this week that a colleague of mine was being taken off life support. I didn’t even know my colleague was in the hospital to begin with. My mind rushed with suggestions of what could have possibly happened. He was being treated at a hospital known for its trauma care. So my mind immediately went to a car accident or a work injury of some sort. Later I learned it was lung cancer. He was diagnosed only 30 days earlier…

I do know of several lung cancer survivors. Some have been diagnosed early and a few others were diagnosed late stage, even stage IV. One lung cancer survivor in particular has survived lung cancer, stage IV for over 8 years!

I wonder if my colleague had know about this survivor, if he would have had a longer life. I wonder if he had met this stage IV survivor if he would have been given the grand gift of hope. I wonder if his doctor had known and met this stage IV survivor if this doctor and his medical team would have provided care with a stronger intention of optimism and hope.

I find that this unfortunate example of my colleague provides a stronger message. We must grab our survivorship from the day of diagnosis. We must make surviving cancer our number one priority. We, and I mean we as in the patient, the caregivers and care providers, must search for the many cancer survivor stories that do exist. Study these cancer survivors. Observe and learn all you can about these survivors. If they can do it, so can you!

I am on a search to find the “many” of spotmany cancer survivors. Are you a survivor? I want to hear from you. Won’t you please share your story with me? is the platform to share your successful story to the thousands of cancer patients, caregivers and care providers. Since my cancer diagnosis in 2002, survivors of all cancers continue to cross my path. Each and every cancer survivor story gives me a surge of hope.  Each and every time I hear a story, I get to share their hope. Please help me help others. Please send me your comments.  If you want to remain anonymous, I will certainly respect that. Your story is worth sharing even if it is without a name. The fact is that you exist. Others searching for hope need to know you exist. Won’t you please help?

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