Cervical Cancer Survivors

Cervical Cancer Survivors

Cervical Cancer Survivors at WOW 2012

Did you ever think you would hear the words “you have cervical cancer”?

This weekend I attended the third annual Walk of Women in Marietta, Georgia. This WOW Walk is the brain child of cervical cancer survivor, Tina Adams. WOW raised more than $13,000 this year – the largest sum raised to date for WOW. The mission of WOW is to spread awareness of gynecological cancers through fundraising events and to provide support for women under going treatment for these types of cancers.

Alyssa Phillips was the featured guest speaker at WOW this year. Alyssa is also a cervical cancer survivor of a rare form of cervical cancer. When Alyssa was diagnosed, her cancer had advanced to stage IV – meaning the cancer had been aggressive and was found in other organs of her body. The protocol of treatment included grueling chemotherapy with not just one, but two bone marrow transplants. Alyssa states that as the medical treatment was “resetting” her body’s immune system, she made an effort to reset Alyssa – the way she approaches life and the way she manages her life.

Both Tina and Alyssa were diagnosed in their 30’s. Both women were too young to be worrying about survival. Tina, married to the man of her dreams, had two young beautiful girls to raise. Alyssa, a physician’s assistant, had her medical career ahead of her and had recently married the most handsome man she met in the card section of the grocery store. Both Tina and Alyssa have succeeded in surviving their cancer diagnosis’. Both of these women have altered their lives from the inside out to be able to share their experiences with cancer. They both make themselves available to women to bring awareness of cervical cancer, how important it is to be annually tested and how important it is to be body aware of when things may not seem normal. The key words are to “pay attention to our bodies”. Our bodies will give us signs when things are not their optimum. Many times these signs can be nearly silent unless we pay attention.

Both Tina and Alyssa are on personal missions to give back to their community with inspirational messages of hope and awareness. You can follow each of them on their respective websites: www.walkofwomen.com and www.alyssaphillipsinc.com

Are you as impressed as I am by Tina and Alyssa?

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