Everyday is a day of transition. I am not the same person that I was yesterday – certainly not the same as one year ago. Thank goodness! Each moment we add to ourselves, our beings, with physical experiences and knowledge. We can equate our beings to containers. As with any container, the more we place in that container, the more full it becomes. Eventually we must release something from the container to make room for the new. When we make room for the new, our experiences are stored in our zip drive of memories. It can be hard to let go of experiences so they can go to our zip drive. We tend to hold on to them because they are familiar. We think they make us feel comfortable. The reality can be that these experiences are holding us back from attaining newer and possibly better experiences. The new experiences will likely be more appropriate to our current condition. After all we are not the same person today as we were yesterday, nor are we the same person today as we were one year ago. These new experiences may be more helpful, productive and prosperous. So today, let us release ourselves from the past so we can experience the new. Let us embrace our transition from one day to the next with the excitement of experiencing the new that will be helpful, productive and prosperous.

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